Where Guilds Gather.

Photo courtesy of Leelyn Paul. 

Having just returned from SOAR (Spin-Off Autumn Retreat), I am mulling over all the kind and talented fiber artists I met from around the country and beyond. I marvel each year at the collection of interesting people that spinning draws together. One of these wonderful spinners, Leelyn Paul, shared with me a bit about her guild, Anne's Web, in Salinas, California. The guild meets the second Saturday of the month at Grange Hall, a beautiful open space with large, sunny windows. This Saturday, the guild will host Morgaine Wilder of Carolina Homespun for an annual trunk show. Shopping and fiber fellowship will be followed with a pot luck lunch-who could ask for more!

Anne's Web is also responsible for the Monterey County Fair Fleece Auction. The auction, known far and wide among fleece enthusiasts, is held each Labor Day weekend.

Where does your guild meet? If you would like to share your guild's story contact Kate at spinnersconnection@interweave.com. 



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