Where Guilds Gather: The Museum of Visual Materials

The Museum of Visual Materials in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Photos courtesy of Jessica Farley.

Where does your guild gather? In reading newsletters from groups and guilds around the world, I am always impressed by how many spinners gather in very interesting places. One such group of fiber artists is the Crossthreads Fiber Works Guild (South Dakota). The guild meets regularly at the Museum of Visual Materials in Sioux Falls. The museum is located in an extensively renovated warehouse originally built in 1887. When renovations were complete in 2007, the museum became South Dakota's first LEED platinum certified green building. Through its collections, gallery spaces, and classes, the Museum of Visual Materials promotes learning through the five senses. The collections include items that are typical of the Sioux Falls region (such as an antique button collection that contains 80,000 pieces), as well as objects from around the world.  

Members of the Crossthreads guild are also involved with classes and workshops at the museum. A free tatting class and the Ladies DIY Craft Night (which focuses on upcycling and repurposing materials) are among the ongoing weekly classes. It is always exciting to see fiber artists and crafters contributing to the cultural identity of their communities.

Does your spinning guild or group gather in an interesting place? We would love to hear from you! Send your guild's story to Kate at spinnersconnection@interweave.com.




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