When teacher becomes student

Lessons learned behind the scenes

Interweave Knits Editor and Knitting Daily TV Host Eunny Jang shares her learning experiences behind the scenes of series 800:

Eunny and Deb Robson on the set of Knitting Daily TV.

When I go to tape a new series of Knitting Daily TV, I go with giant suitcases crammed full of the samples and tools I'll be teaching with. I've been working for weeks to knit and re-knit step-outs to demonstrate a finicky kind of cable, to make swatches that show five different ways to use brioche stitch, to practice a cast-on dozens of times until I'm sure I can explain it clearly and succinctly, hopefully without too many "ums" or "cuts!" It's fun to share some knowledge with the world, to pass on what I've gained from others.But playing teacher isn't my favorite thing about that week we spend in the studio. Throughout the week, guests pass through the green room with their own knowledge-filled baggage, ready to share their know-how with the audience—and, incidentally, me. I learn more at a taping of Knitting Daily TV than I do in all the six months between tapings, about all kinds of things I wouldn't explore on my own. I've always been a kind of fiber arts dilettante, interested in everything but deeply immersed in only a few things, and the chance to pick the brains of experts has always been my favorite thing about the show. We chat companionably in the green room, poke and prod at yarns and fibers, share tips and wisdom, and debate over the finer points of different fiber arts. It's great fun—and that's before we even get in front of the cameras.

Once the cameras are rolling, the serious learning begins. As we talk about yarns, fibers, tools, and techniques, I have a chance to ask the expert about all the subject—specific things I've ever wondered about. For example, some of my favorite segments from series 800 of Knitting Daily TV brought Deborah Robson into the studio. Drawing on deep, expansive fiber knowledge, Deb is always the most generous and thoughtful of guests and handles my eager questioning with good grace. Here, she traces the path from sheep to sweater—new, helpful knowledge for this knitter, and a clear, concise refresher for seasoned spinners.


Though the name of the show might be Knitting Daily TV, we share and learn about all kinds of fiber arts. I know—I'm the show's number one student. Grab a copy of the Knitting Daily TV, Series 800 DVD today to get in on the fun.


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