What’s Your Spinzilla Strategy?

Spinzilla challenges us to spin as many yards as possible in one week, but beyond that, what fiber we use or what gauge we spin is up to us. Have you made a plan or created a queue of tempting fiber options to help you treadle your way to the finish line?

Strategy 1: Random Happiness
This is a great approach for busy folks who never get to spend enough time playing with fiber. Spinzilla can encourage us to make time for spinning each day, to sit at our wheels and enjoy the fibers in our hands. For competition week, choose some hand-painted braids, squishy roving, or organic cotton that makes you weak in the spinner’s knees.


You can make a Spinzilla plan based on random, delicious fibers. I adore this braid, a limited edition Frabjous Fibers blend for Susan’s Fiber Shop.

Strategy 2: Fiber Focus
Fierce Spinzilla competitors often choose one easy-to-spin fiber and fill bobbin after identical bobbin. A common fiber choice is roving or rolags that can be spun with a woolen draw. This speedy drafting technique can help you roll through pounds of fiber and rack up an impressive number of yards for your team.

Strategy 3: Pick a Project
Planning a project can help some spinners feel like they are not only spinning for yardage with their team but also making progress on a personal goal. Is there a project that has been sitting in your Ravelry queue that is calling to you? Are you anxious to spin several thousand yards for a winter weaving project? Let Spinzilla inspire you to get started!

Spinzilla, here I come!
In past years, I’ve been a “random happiness” Spinzilla participant. This year, however, I’m planning projects. I’ve chosen several, but the project at the top of my list is the Pyrope Shawlette from the Winter 2016 issue of Spin Off. Oh, how this lace-edged beauty has called to me! But I’ve never made time for it . . . until now!


Heather Zoppetti’s patterns always catch my spinner’s eye—have you seen the Dahlia Cardigan?

The Pyrope Shawlette by Heather Zoppetti combines a luxurious fiber blend with knitted lace and garter ridges. I’m using Lisa Souza’s yak and silk blend in her new colorway, Salmon Run—check it out on her Instagram.


Featured Image: Get ready to treadle!

Get Ready for Spinzilla!

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