What Your Favorite Handspinning Media of 2018 Says About You

Looking over the most popular handspinning purchases of 2018, we think we can identify a few traits about the spinners who love Interweave books, magazines, and videos. Based on what you bought, here’s what we know about you!

You love color.

Whether it was blending color in fiber, as in Esther Rodger’s Color Blending for Spinners Online Workshop, or applying color yourself, as in Dyeing to Spin & Knit by Felicia Lo, you enjoy color but want to know more about it. Whether you want to learn more about color theory, the mechanics of blending fibers, how dye interacts with fibers, and how to avoid mud, you’re ready to work your way around the color wheel.


Esther Rodgers explores tints, shades, and hues in her Color Blending for Spinners Online Workshop.

You persevere.

You want to understand how the physics of handspinning work and how you can manage them with more skill. You’re willing to practice with your hands what you can see with your eyes. You want your yarns to be crafted with excellence, whether you’re making a simple balanced 2-ply or a complex cabled bouclé. And you could listen to Judith MacKenzie tell you how to boil a pot of water—that’s why you love The Gentle Art of Plying.

You like your yarns wooly & warm.

Worsted-spun yarns are simpler than woolen-spun yarns; attenuate, add twist, done. That’s why a lot of spinners learn to spin worsted-style yarns first. The finesse and responsiveness required to draft against twist make handspinning woolen yarn more challenging, but the airy, squishy yarns that result are worth the effort. That’s why you looked to Amy Tyler’s Spinning Woolen Yarn video.

You’re curious.

You love to learn about not only how to make great yarn but also how other people spin. You love to explore all kinds of topics, whether or not you’re likely to ever use the knowledge firsthand. You have broad interests and want to know about other spinners and fiber producers around the world. You have eclectic interests, and you love feeling like part of the handspinning community . . . which is why you love to get Spin Off four times a year.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. Happy handspinning!

Anne Merrow

Featured Image: Woolen yarns are squishy, lofty, and worth the work. Photos by George Boe

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