What You May Not Know About Spinzilla (and why you might still want to register…)

If you’ve been sitting on the Spinzilla sidelines thinking that you just don’t have the time, ability, or perhaps the competitive streak to join up for this annual week of heavy handspinning, I’m here in hopes of convincing you otherwise.

Now in its fifth year, Spinzilla takes place during the first full week of October (October 2–8, 2017). Yes, team members or “rogue” individuals compete to see who can spin the most yardage (or mileage!), but to be focused solely on tracking yardage spun is to miss out entirely on the greater benefits afforded by this spirited, engaging event. Hurry–registration is open through September 30. Register here.


Here’s my list of reasons that Spinzilla is fun for spinners of all levels, plus a tip or two on making the most of this year’s competition.

  • Hosted by The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA), Spinzilla benefits all of us spinners by helping to create the fiber lovers of tomorrow. Registration fees are donated to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program (NAMP), which enables leading personalities in our field to continue teaching their skills to the younger set. To date, more than $40,000 has been raised by our global Spinzilla efforts.
  • Think you can’t spin a mile (1,760 yards) or more during the week? Think again. Here’s the official formula for measuring yardage:
    [plied yardage] + [plied yardage x # of plies] = total yardage
    So if you spin 300 yards of 2-ply, your Spinzilla yardage for that skein is actually 900 yards. This is a formula for success!
  • All spinning counts. Pack a spindle in your purse and spin during lunch and/or on the bus. By week’s end, you’ll have yardage to count. (Fear not. Yardage is tallied and turned into your team captain immediately after Spinzilla ends so as not to detract from the spinning itself.)
  • There are teams dedicated to all kinds of interests, and yes, some are bent on spinning that winning mileage. However, all are present in the spirit of good clean fun. Check out the team dynamics in the Spinzilla Ravelry threads prior to joining to see where you may be a good fit. Or go rogue and spin on your own. You can still enjoy the camaraderie of the other individual spinners via the Rogue Spinners Ravelry thread. Make the most of your week by planning ahead and deciding on what you’d like to spin. If you’re spinning for yardage, you’ll need to prep your fiber in advance.
  • Spinzilla

    In less than two minutes, I carded this puffy chocolate-colored Corriedale rolag. It will draft like a dream. Photo by Debbie Held


    Fly your flag!

  • Don’t forget to fly your flag. The folks at TNNA have a page full of fun graphics that participants are welcome to use on social media.
  • Look for or arrange a gathering of Spinzilla participants in your area. There is nothing better than spending time with other spinners. Meet at a coffee shop, your local library’s meeting room, or even your home. (Just don’t lose time to cooking and cleaning.)

Spinzilla is grand time for a wonderful cause. If you’re still on the fence about joining in, remember that this good-natured competition helps to keep our craft viable.

I’ll be spinning on Team Spin Off, but as always, I plan on ogling bobbin shots and finished yarn photos from across the Spinzilla board.

Deep down we’re all on the same team, anyway.


Featured Image: Getty Imahes/simonmayer

Get ready for Spinzilla!

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