What Is a Diz?

Have you ever wondered, “What is that odd little disk with a hole in it, nestled among all of the spinning equipment, used for?” It is not some peculiar solitary button; it’s a diz.


Photo by Joe Coca.

It’s a diz!

Dizzes come in many shapes and sizes: flat, concave, round, or oblong; made of shell, bone, wood, brass, or plastic; and with one hole or several of different sizes. Often they are included as part of a spinner’s multi-tool paired with a wraps per inch (wpi) tool. Choose a diz with the size hole that is closest to (but not smaller than) the diameter of your desired yarn, smaller holes for fine laceweight and larger holes for a heavier yarn. (Remember, your yarn can be no thicker than the fiber source.) When combing fiber for a worsted prep, use it to create sliver.

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