What happens when twenty-one guilds gather?


A fun day was had by all! Photos courtesy of Joloy Watlington.

Great things can happen when fiber artists put their heads together. The Traditional Skills and Fiberworks Guild in Jackson, Tennessee, recently hosted the first-ever Gathering of the Guilds. The original inspiration for the gathering came from a Roc Day event that is shared by guilds in Mississippi and Louisiana. Organizer Joloy Watlington hoped to bring many different guilds together for a day of socializing and shopping-two things that fiber folks do well! Joloy says, "Most attendees are members of two or more fiber arts guilds, so this was a way to start some cross-guild conversations-exchanging program ideas, discussing common frustrations, etc."

About forty-five spinners, knitters, weavers, tatters, and one quilter for good measure attended the April 13th event from six states. Twenty-one local and national guilds were represented by the group. The day was filled with show-and-tell, discussions on tools and wheels, the spontaneous sharing of skills, and networking between guilds. Joloy reports, "One only had to look at all the smiling faces engaged in animated conversations or studied concentration to know that this first event was an overwhelming success!"



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