What do you want from us?

What do you see when you look back?

Amy's wheel with her neweye openingvery fast flyer.

Recently I've been having a lot of fun spinning really fine yarns—enabled by the addition of a very fast flyer to my wheel. Looking back through my Spin-Offs with this new addiction, I find articles that never appealed to me before. I see them with fresh fine-yarn eyes.

I love looking through back issues—and I gather you do, too, as some of them are pretty hard to come by. It's amusing to read the Editor's Page in the Fall 1997 issue of Spin-Off (recently compiled in an electronic format on discs) and learn that Interweave had just launched the Interweave.com website.

Looking at back issues is about as fascinating as watching my children grow—I look back at the photos of my girls as babies and I see that spark that is still present in the growing, capable child that they are becoming. This essence stays the same even as they evolve and gain new skills and perspectives.

With a craft as ancient as ours, we can look back into the far reaches of recorded time and still recognize spinning—even as holographic fibers whiz through our hands on to our e-spinner. We can sit next to a spinner in the cotton fields in Egypt or among alpaca herds in the Andes and communicate through our common language of twisting fiber to make thread.

A close up of the flyer with some really fine yarn that Amy spun.

In the Spin-Off office, we look to spinners to see where our craft and the magazine are headed—through various gathering spots on the Internet (Ravelry, Spinning Daily, Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter); through books and magazines; gatherings at guild meetings, coffee shops, and fiber stores; visit art museums, spinning classrooms, and sheep ranches. In addition we listen to your suggestions via email, phone calls, letters, and posts. We've also assembled an Advisory Panel—a small yet diverse group of passionate spinners to help guide us in our quest to bring you the best information about spinning that we can find and in an appealing package of pages and photographs (or videos in the case of our workshops). The fresh perspective we get from these outside sources helps with a constant question that we have in the Spin-Off office—"How can we freshen Spin-Off?" or "What can we do to bring even more life and excitement to the pages?"

I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments for how we can continue to improve the magazine and make it everything you'd like it to be.

Happy spinning,

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