What Do You Love About Your E-Spinner?

E-spinners have been around for years, and they continue to grow in popularity as more models become available. From the Hanson miniSpinner to the Electric Eel, there is an e-spinner available for everyone interested in going electric.

While happily drifting among the many booths at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival last month, I saw two different e-spinner models for sale. I stopped in for a chat with two experienced spinners about their favorite e-spinners.


The new Ashford e-Spinner 3. Photo courtesy of Ashford

Susan McFarland of Susan’s Fiber Shop on the Ashford e-Spinner 3

What is your favorite thing about the Ashford e-Spinner 3?
“I like how quiet it is. I can turn the spinner on and off with ease, and I also feel the tension is very responsive. Most of all, I love its size and how quiet it is. I feel Ashford has got this spinner right; I love spinning on the e-3.”

When would you use this spinner rather than a wheel?
“The e-3 is so great with its easy-carrying bag that holds everything you need. I added a neat 14-hour battery pack to it, and now I can spin anywhere. I like to use it for all my spinning going to guild and on trips. Maybe because we have had so much rain this year, and I worried about my other wheels getting wet and damaged.”

What types of yarns do you like to spin on the e-3?
“I feel the e-3 does all weights great. My customers have proved that to me. In Ohio, I sold one for long-draw laceweight. When I spin laceweight, I can get tons of yards on the bobbins, and I can do art yarns because of the no-hook system by Ashford.”


SpinOlution Firefly E-Spinner. Photos courtesy of Spry Whimsy

Ingrid McMasters of Spry Whimsy on the SpinOlution Firefly

What is your favorite thing about the SpinOlution Firefly?
“First and foremost is the battery; you can use it while it is charging. Some battery systems do not allow this. It lasts for about 12 hours of continuous spinning and can be transported in your carry-on or checked bag for flying—always a concern with batteries these days.

“I also love the Firefly’s ‘foot pedal’ control. I use this term loosely because it is actually a simple tap closure. Spinners with various handicaps and disabilities can function the switch by putting it under an arm or thigh as well as traditionally with a foot or toe. We work with a lot of spinners who have mobility issues.”

When would you use this spinner rather than a wheel?
“I love the kickstand. I like to use it when going to a stadium event when the kids are participating in something and I know there will be room on a bench in front of me in the bleachers.”

What types of yarns do you like to spin on the SpinOlution Firefly?
“Everything! Due to the extremely variable speeds and different size bobbins available, the Firefly can spin very fine, short fibers to very thick art yarns. The smallest bobbin is 8 oz, and the largest is 64 oz. I think this may be the most versatile e-spinner on the market.”

The new generation of e-spinners is helping handspinners to work in new ways. Where does your e-spinner take you?


Featured Image: A happy pairing: Hanson Mini Spinner and gradient combed top from Fiber Optic Yarns. Photo by Kate Larson

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