Western Australia Spinner’s Club celebrates 30 years

On behalf of our Spinning Club (an off-shoot of the Handweavers, Spinners, and Dyers Guild of Western Australia, I would like to report that we have celebrated, what we consider, quite a milestone. Our Club has been going since 1978 so, to celebrate, we had a Spin-In at our meeting place, which is Atwell House Community Arts Centre, Canning Hwy. Alfred Cove, WESTERN AUSTRALIA on Tuesday 15th April, 2008. Close to 100 guests and members attended. The guests came from suburban and country clubs from our Southwest. As it was our 30th Anniversary year we made it a Pearl/Purl theme throughout, which produced many ideas. We had a sharing table with a Pearl/Purl section and the most popular item was a handknitted, handspun wool vest with pearls worked into the pattern handcrafted by one of our original members. Also one of our members dressed up a waistcoat with pearl buttons.

Our Club was founded by the late Mrs. Nora Allen who suggested that we form such a group and quickly got a few spinners together, one of which was me! We pride ourselves with the fact that many of the original members still roll up every week for an afternoon of spinning, socializing and friendship. We have 30 members and usually get 20–25 at our weekly meetings.


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