We’ll be spinning in the New Year

Happy New Years from the Spin-Off editorial team!

The Three Fates I: Clotho Spun the Thread of Life (4.5” x 6”; 2007) bead embroidery by Amy Clarke Moore.

The Three Fates III: Atropos Cut the Thread of Life (4.5" x 6" 2007) bead embroidery by Amy Clarke Moore.

We'll have a blast in 2011!

Marking the year in yarn and cloth

Well, the New Year is upon us! It is amazing how quickly 2010 whizzed by. There were so many exciting developments in the world of Spin-Off this last year—new videos, new books, our 2011 calendar, and of course our first ever eMag SpinKnit—what an exciting year!

Being constantly surrounded by fiber, yarn, and beautiful textile creations in the Spin-Off office we spend a lot of time thinking about cloth—and funny enough there are so many connections between cloth and time! These become even more apparent at times like the New Year when we mark the passage of one year and look to how we will spend the next. There is the time we have spent making and dreaming of what we will make. The time we spend encased in and appreciating our creations (and the creations of others). And the connection to humanity—past and present—that the act of making cloth creates.

Spinning fate

It is no surprise that the ancient Greeks choose yarn as the marker of life. The Moirae (or three fates)—Clotho (who spins the thread of life), Lachesis (who weaves the cloth of life), and Atropos (who at death cuts the thread of life with her shears)—create a very vivid image of life measured by something very integral to our own lives as spinners. Included here are images of Amy's lovely beaded pieces depicting two of the three fates. While it is no longer commonly believed that the fates appear three nights after one is born to decide our life's course, time can still be measured in yarn. We at Spin-Off wish you a productive New Year marked with lots of luscious handspun yarn!

Spin On!

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