Weaverville USA: Connecting fiber artists coast to coast.


While many fiber artists may feel as if they live in Weaverville in their hearts and minds, some literally reside in towns called Weaverville! Fiber artists Judi Jetson and Robyn Spady are organizing textile gatherings in Weaverville, California, and Weaverville, North Carolina. Weaverville USA will be held on October 6, 2012, to "celebrate the joy and excitement of being weavers in the most appropriately named places in the United States." Judi's guild, Colorstorm Spinners is planning a Spin-In, and other Weaverville events are in the works.

While the Weaverville USA project aims to bring fiber artists together to enjoy one another's company, it will also "focus on the weaving community and what we need to be doing so weaving can become a more viable profession." The organizers hope that weavers, spinners, and other fiber artists will join in the fun and celebrate in their own Weaverville on October 6.




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