Wasatch Woolpack Handspinners

Spinning wheels have been the topic for meetings of the Wasatch Woolpack Handspinners (Utah). Each month they spend time discussing a particular type of wheel to help people become familiar with them. Examples of Ashford, Lendrum, Kromski, and Louet wheels have been brought for show-and-tell by those owning one. Follow-up information about specific models and their features are shared in the newsletter. A Spinning Wheel Fashion Show was held in March to introduce the Bosworth Journey Wheel, the Merlin Tree HitchHiker, a Spin Cycle (made from a Schwinn stationary bike), a Scandinavian flax wheel, a Normandy, a Columbine, a Whitehorse Mountain wheel, a Peacock, a Haldane, and a great wheel.

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