Transform Your Spinning with Maggie Casey

When you first start at a new job, there is usually some sort of training involved. Sometimes it’s just an overview on how to set up your voicemail, when to take lunch, etc. But when I started working at Spin-Off, part of my job training involved taking a spinning class (lucky me!). When trying to decide where I should take a class, I heard the same thing over and over: “You have to take a class with Maggie.” 

After taking Maggie Casey’s beginning spinning class at her store in Boulder, Colorado, I can absolutely see why she has gained such a great repuation as a top-notch spinning teacher. When I started Maggie’s class I had several spinning habits that we’ll just call “less than desirable.” Hunched painfully over my wheel, I would pinch so hard with my drafting hand that my palm would be sore for several days after spinning; the iron-clad grip of my fiber-supply hand would consistently leave me with a blob of matted, sweaty fibers; and my drafting style was choppy and a bit frantic—making my spinning a far cry from the relaxing endeavor that it should be. After Maggie’s class, I was as different as a butterfly is from a caterpillar—her teaching really did transform my spinning. She is hugely knowledgeable, and her unshakable patience in the face of a classroom of bumbling, sometimes frustrated students truly amazed me. 

Since it’s not possible for everyone to take a class with Maggie, we were really excited when she agreed to write Start Spinning so that we could share her with the world. Then, when we thought about how neat it would be if Spin-Off could publish instructional DVDs, were were even more excited when Maggie agreed to be our first host. To be honest, I think her Start Spinning DVD might even be better than taking a class with Maggie (or if not better, it’s at least equally as good). It’s like having a hi-tech science-fiction laser shrink Maggie so she can sit on your shoulder and gently whisper advice in your ear while you spin. If you have a question, just pop in the DVD and Maggie will answer it for you. If you’re practicing a new technique and need to hear her explain it over and over again, just rewind and she’ll repeat herself into infinity!

My sweaty hands and cramped palm muscles can never thank Maggie enough for what she has done for them. Whether you’re new to spinning or you’ve been spinning for a while and would like to refine your skills, I hope her DVD can inspire you to similar spinning transformations!

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