Tour de Fleecespinners check in at the finish line


Last week on Spinners' Connection, we met three wonderful groups of spinners participating in this year's Tour de Fleece. Now that the competition week is over, spinners are relaxing and sharing a bit about the fruits of their labors.


Photo courtesy of Dinsdale5.

Team Catitude.

Meet Liz (Dinsdale5): "My goals for this year's TDF were twofold. One was to take two raw lambs fleeces that I purchased from a local shepherd (Barberic Farm, Shelburne, MA), scour and handcomb it myself, from fleece to finished, worsted-spun three-ply yarn. While I didn't completely comb and spin all of the fiber, I came very close, finishing the tour with 3.75 pounds, 1,149 yards of worsted/Aran-weight yarn (from 5.1 pounds of raw fiber). My other goal was to spin up some stash fiber on a Trindle spindle that I purchased at Rhinebeck last year. I spun up 6 ounces of two-ply yarn from some lovely overdyed, two-tone BFL."








Photo courtesy of Mokihana.

Team Catitude.

Meet Mokihana (Mokihana): "My goal was to spin and ply 8 ounces of Glory by Lisa Souza, and to spin and ply Splash by FatCatKnits. I surpassed those goals by spinning and plying Aspen Bark by Raven Ridge Fibers (I'd never spun Merino/silk/yak before!) and plying London Madrid by Two If By Hand."








Photo courtesy of kbdoolin.

Team My Favorite Sheep.

Meet Karen (kbdoolin), spinner of team mascot Mia's fleece: "Prepping and spinning the Mia fleece was my main TDF goal. It is going to knit up to be a soft, subtle colorwork cowl. The white and gray skeins, in the middle of the pyramid pictured are from Mia. The other white is a laceweight skein that is going to be used for a very special purpose. I have a customer, Lois, through my stained glass business that is being treated for several forms of cancer. I decided that I wanted to help her in her fight so I have spun this yarn, which I will dye and then knit into a shawl (the Rose Window shawlthere's a stained glass connection). This is my way of honoring the courage and spirit that Lois embodies each and every day. The purple skein is a BFL I dyed last summer. And the salmon and vermillion skeins are a fiber that I picked up at Kerry Woolen Mills when I lived Ireland. It's rough and scratchy, but I love it because it reminds me of the home I miss so much."




Photo courtesy of Vim.


Team Barber Black Sheep.

Meet Vim (Vim): "I first spotted BarberBlackSheep fibers from a picture posted on Ravelry by Katharine Barber about her bags of hand-dyed Gotland fleece from her flock in Wales. I knew I had to try some. The color was stunning, the locks were clean and lively and were easily teased for carding into a fiber cloudheavenly to spin! I started looking for a project that would fit with the character of the yarn. I had made a two-ply with softly spun woolen singles, and I felt that this would suit an outdoor sweater. I wanted a pattern with simple colorwork, which would use the lovely colors in the yarn and found Sinnasaujakka on Ravelry. The name translates as the Angry Sheep Cardigan, created by Norwegian designer, Pinneguri. Needless to say, I'm so excited to make this cardigan from the lovely yarn I am spinning from BBS fibers." Katherine's gorgeous Gotland locks are available in her Esty shop, BarberBlackSheep.


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