Win the Tour de Fleece with a Virtual Spinning Team

Putting yourself out there socially, be it in person or online, can be downright scary for many of us—including me. However, thanks to my Tour de Fleece 2018 “home base” of about 50 Team Spin Off teammates, I’m declaring this my favorite Tour to date.

There is nothing wrong with spinning “rogue,” or on your own. Perhaps you have yet to find an online group that feels right to you. We offer these tips for Spinzilla, Tour de Fleece 2019, or any other spinning competitions, in the hope of helping you find that welcoming team of spinners whose support helps to keep your treadles in motion.

1. Start with a commonality beyond basic handspinning.

In my experience, spinners are by far the kindest crafters of them all, but sharing an even more specific trait helps bring people together. Do you live in a unique locale? Are you an RVer? Perhaps you’re dedicated to a brand or model of spinning wheel or spindle or are a fan of a certain author or LYS. Start looking for your group there.

2. Look for an all-inclusive mindset.

No one likes a clique (except its few members). A team that is just as happy to support newer spinners as well as seasoned pros is a team with an inviting atmosphere to match. You’ll often find very accomplished spinners on teams that accept all comers, even beginning spinners. It’s all about the spirit.

3. Consider your style.

Me? I fluctuate somewhere between lazy and confused. If there are dozens of prompts (themes) within the group’s posting guidelines or a bunch of rules, we’re not likely the best match. On the other hand, if you like the variety of a new challenge every day, that might be what keeps you interested.

4. Be realistic.

While it’s enticing to join several teams (and certainly allowed in this event), will you have the time to read other people’s posts and be a good teammate to them if you’re spending hours each day just posting photos to all your groups? Better to find one or two groups with which you truly jive.

Tour de Fleece

Even at home, Ziggy and I enjoy the camaraderie of a virtual team during the Tour de Fleece.

Spinning need not be a solitary endeavor when there are so many spinners all over the world, just itching to have an online connection. You may find your next Tour de Fleece all the more enriched for having taken the risk.


Featured Image: Even if you can’t all spin in one room, spinning buddies can make the Tour de Fleece a team sport. Photos by Deborah Held

Have your best Tour de Fleece yet!


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