Tips from newsletters

Lots of useful hints and ideas are posted in your newsletters and here are a few that may not have appeared in past columns. When working with fine fibers in the high desert, static electricity can be a problem. Randee Frommer from the Central Oregon Spinners & Weavers was having a bad “hair” day while working with kid mohair. Not wanting to add oil, she put several dryer sheets in the storage bag with the fiber and let it sit for several days to tame the tendency to fly away. Donna Jo Copeland, a member of the Bloomington Spinners and Weavers Guild (Indiana) who raises English Angora rabbits, found that drumcarding this fiber too quickly causes the same problem. She cards wool or other fibers first, then the angora. A 50/50 blend is her favorite combination, but even a small amount of angora (5 %) to a balance of wool can produce softness and bloom. Langley Weavers & Spinners Guild (Canada) member Diana Twiss shared how jurors assess the quality of items submitted for their annual sale. If the item is a pair of mittens, are they the same size? If it’s a hat, will it fit on a head? If a sweater, do the buttons line up with the holes and are the sleeves the same length? Will a head fit through a pullover? Are there noticeable errors in the design or patterning? The goal is to ensure that items have a finished, high-quality look to them, not perfection.

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