Tips for SOAR registration

Registration for SOAR 2013 opens on Thursday May 2, 2013 at 1 pm Eastern Time at

  • After you fill in your correct contact information, there are some questions that you could skip and fill in later by logging back in once you've selected your classes and received your confirmation number.
  • This year we've changed the format of registration a little so that you can be waitlisted on a class that you want, but also be enrolled in your second choice-in order to do that, all the classes are listed on the same page. When you start registration at the top there is an option to Show All Descriptions or Hide All Descriptions-if you click on Hide All Descriptions, the page will be a little easier to navigate.
  • Instead of choosing classes from a drop down menu as we've done in the past, this year you will click a little box on the left hand side of the screen right by the title of the class. I asked about making it bigger and more obvious, but it wasn't possible.
  • Workshops are 3-day classes (Monday-Wednesday)–just sign up for one.
  • Thursday only classes occur only on Thursday and can be added to any registration package. Only one class is offered as a 2-hour class on Thursday (Blackfoot spinning), but it is offered as a morning or an afternoon session.
  • Retreat sessions are half day classes offered Fri AM, Fri PM, Sat AM, and Sat PM–the same class is taught 4 times so that you can choose four classes over the two days. If the class you want is full on the first day it is offered, look to see if there is a spot in the afternoon or on Saturday–those classes don't fill as quickly (but often the hottest classes are full with in the first 10 minutes of registration opening–be prepared with second, third, and even fourth choices).

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