The time is now! Register for SOAR!

Some of you have been waiting with bated breath for Spin-Off Autumn Retreat (SOAR) registration to open. (And we've been looking forward to finding out who will be joining us this fall at Lake Tahoe!)

Well, breathe deeply and go register at Make sure to refresh your browser so that the Registration button in the upper right hand corner is visible (on some browsers it appears at the bottom of the page). We can't wait to see you! (And when you've registered, start working on an item to show in the Gallery.)

Below are answers to a few common questions:

What if I don't get into my first choice?

Make sure to have your second, third, even fourth choices lined up so that you can register for them quickly and easily.

Is my spot in class claimed when I choose it from the drop-down menu or not until I check out?

Your spot in a class is not confirmed until you finish the entire registration process.

What happens if I'm on a wait list?

If you choose to be put on a waitlist, the SOAR team will notify you if a spot in that class becomes available.  We strongly suggest that if you are not switched off of the waitlist and into the class by the end of July, that you choose a different class to take rather than stay on the waitlist so that you don't lose the opportunity to come to SOAR.

What if I'm traveling from far away and need to borrow a wheel or other equipment?

While the SOAR team doesn't handle the borrowing/lending of equipment anymore, you can use the forums on Spinning Daily to make your own arrangements to borrow/lend equipment.

How can I connect with spinners who are attending SOAR to find a roommate?

You can find others who might be looking for a roommate using this thread on the spinning daily forums.

Find answers to more of your questions at and click on the participant information tab.

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