The Spinning Year to Come

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One of Kate Larson’s sweet Border Leicester lambs is featured in her article in Winter 2015. Photo courtesy of Kate Larson.


Time flies for all of us, but especially for editors! You see, in order to bring the Fall issue to your door by early September, we had to send it to the printer in July, edit it in May, and assign it in January. I can’t believe it’s September already, because just yesterday it was June but I’m knee-deep in winter.


Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up in our pages. If you’d like to be part of it, check out our Call for Submissions!


Our next issue feels especially early because although it will arrive in your mailbox around the end of November, it will be dated Winter 2015. (Apparently seeing 2014 on the newsstand in January would make the issue seem out of date, so we spring forward.) It's the annual Natural Fiber Issue, and it features thirteen breeds of sheep, two kinds of goats, suri alpacas, and (not to neglect the plant fiber realm) cotton, too. We have an unexpected way to dehair cashmere, directions on spinning lopi-style yarn, and three lovely projects to knit.

When the crocuses start to pop up, we’ll be ready with a new issue for Spring 2015: the Stash Issue. Whether your stash is a series of treasures or a source of anxiety, we'll have something to help you see it in a new light: ways to combine smaller quantities of fiber to create enough yarn for a project, how to overdye for unified yarn, and of course stashbusting projects to crochet, weave, knit, and more.  


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In the Winter 2015 issue, Jill Graham will teach us to dehair cashmere (such as the fleece of this cutie). Photo courtesy of Jill Graham.


And then it will be summer again and time for the Myths and Facts issue. This is one that we’re currently accepting submissions for, so send us your ideas by email at before October 22, 2014. We want to hear about the old wives’ tales, the facts everyone knows, the common knowledge—and then we’ll look at the facts. We’re looking for spinning investigators to test out these legends and share their findings.


When Fall 2015 comes around—can you believe how quickly we’ll get there?—we’ll put it together with Plying. There isn’t a call for submissions up for this yet, but I can’t wait to see what exciting ideas you come up with. Let’s see . . . New art yarns? Plying in unexpected directions? I don’t want to limit your imaginations, but keep thinking.


There will be much more to come (including those delightful articles that don’t fit neatly into a theme but insist on being included anyway). I hope you’ll join us. It will be a fun year.


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