The Spinning Wheel Péloton


July is upon us, and for cycling fans and spinners alike, that means the TdF is upon us. For cyclists, that’s the Tour de France; for spinners, it’s the Tour de Fleece. For the TdF spinner’s edition, handspinners commit to spin every day that the Tour rides, this year from July 4 through July 26 (with two rest days, July 13 and July 21, to get out of the saddle). I love both, so I’ll be splitting my time between riding on the roads and spinning in front of the Tour broadcast. 



The spin-along isn’t a contest per se—everyone who participates is a winner—but there are certain honors that we can borrow from our cycling cousins. (And right now in the Interweave store, everyone is a winner—check out our huge Tent Sale!)




Cycling: The pack; the main group of strong, competitive riders.

Spinning: All of us!


Yellow Jersey

Cycling: The overall leader, whose cumulative time for all days of the race is lowest. May not be the winner every day (or any day!).

Spinning: Any spinner who completes the challenge of riding every day.


Green Jersey

Cycling: Best Sprinter (rider with the most cumulative sprint points).

Spinning: Spinner of most yards in an hour.


White Jersey

Cycling: Best young rider (lowest cumulative time for a rider under 26).

Spinning: A new spinner with less than a year’s experience.


Polka Dot Jersey

Cycling: Best climber (earns points for placing on high-points mountains).

Spinning: A spinner who overcomes a major obstacle to get in spinning time.


Lanterne Rouge

Cycling: The rider with the highest time who still qualifies to start the next day. This is still a major accomplishment, as many riders fail to make the minimum qualifying time every day.

Spinning: A spinner who spins most days, who starts and finishes but may not manage to lead after every day.


Century (general cycling term, not a Tour term)

Cycling: Riding 100 miles.

Spinning: Spinning a mile of singles in a day.

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