The Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild

For groups offering work for sale, the Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild (Colorado) offers useful tips. Smiling and saying hello, making eye contact, and reading others’ body language helps establish communication. When talking with people, pick up the work, open it up and invite them to touch, handle, or try it on. “The appeal of our work is color and texture. . . . Touching and handling the work gets a customer involved . . . and can excite them.” Offer to put items back rather than watch the customer struggle with replacing it in the display. Instead of saying, “Can I help you?” ask, “How did you hear about our sale?” or “Have you been to our sale before?” Be available to help by remaining near and stating, “If you have questions, I’m here to help you,” but do not hover. The guild’s philosophy is to help everyone who comes through the door find something they want to buy. Rather than consider this as pressure selling, it is perceived as assisting customers to “get what they came for, something original and made by hand.” This guild holds a successful annual sale every fall, sending invitations by e-mail or snail mail to potential buyers, businesses, and past customers.

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