The Magic of Socks

I’m not quite sure what happened (maybe I’ve been living under a rock?), but somehow I’ve missed out on the craze that surrounds sock knitting. There are so many people who are fervently obsessed with socks, yet for some reason I’ve never really had a strong desire to try my hand at making a pair. I’m not quite sure why this is—is it the fact that I prefer to go barefoot, or the suspicion that I would finish one sock but never finish the second, or maybe the secret fear that I’m not yet a good enough spinner to make good sock yarn? Who knows. Whatever the reason, the magic of this whole sock thing was mostly lost on me—until recently.

Kristi Schueler's Green Lake SocksA couple months ago I volunteered to design the Spin Your Socks e-book. While poring over type formatting and image placement, I also learned a whole lot about socks, and I think the sock bug is starting to wear off on me. I love the texture of Kristi Schueler’s Green Lake Socks (left), and Paula Egbert’s dyeing method for self-striping socks strikes me as totally genius. Merike Saarnit’s article on how to spin sock yarn calmed a lot of my inferior-spinner anxiety. She explains that the three factors you need to consider when spinning for socks are comfort, appearance, and durability. The tips she gives for how to achieve those three characteristics in your sock yarn were really eye-opening to me. Hmm, maybe this sock thing isn’t so intimidating after all. Maybe I’ll try to spin some yarn for a pair. Because really, what could be better than scooting around the house on a Saturday morning with your feet wrapped in soft, snuggly handspun? Or tromping through the snow on a winter day with handmade socks keeping your feet warm? Maybe there is magic in this sock thing after all.

— Stefanie

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