The Hurt Book Sale Bites Back

Our annual Hurt Book Sale began as an opportunity to pick up slightly damaged or creased books at a steep discount. But what if the books could fight back? Imagine books that might hurt you instead of the other way around. Here are a few hurting books you won’t find in the hurt book sale.

(Please note that we do not recommend these ideas and would never publish these titles.)

Really Wild Fibers: How to Collect Bear and Bison Fibers in Nature

Have an up-close encounter with large mammals! Make sure to bring a dog comb with you on your National Park adventure (and get a selfie with the animals first). You’ll remember the experience for the rest of your life . . . however long that may be.

Spin Greasy Fleece from Greece

Hardly anyone gets sick from Woolsorter’s Disease—better known as anthrax—any more. So enjoy that treasured fleece from Southern Europe, Asia, and Africa as nature intended it: straight off the sheep. Skip the mask; you want to bury your nose in that wool, spores and all.

Hurt Book Sale

If you try yoga with wool combs, your shavasana (corpse pose) might be more realistic than usual. Photo by George Boe

Combing Yoga

You’ve heard of yoga with goats, beer, and even kittens? Practice balance and grace as you combine your favorite asanas with English wool combs. The points of the tines will sharpen your focus. Besides, tetanus is pretty rare.

Retting Is for Sissies: Spin Nettle Today!

If you’re anxious to get started spinning the ancient nettle fiber, who can wait for bacteria and water to do their job of breaking down the soft matter? Pull up a handful and get spinning today!

We recommend passing up all of those books, but you’ll be safe with anything in the Hurt Book Sale. Pick up a few fundamentals to keep you spinning happily (and safely) for years.

—Anne Merrow

Featured Image: Photo by Getty Images/Dina Belenko Photography

Find library essentials in the Hurt Book Sale!

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