Thank-You Cards

Recently, I received a thank-you card for my thank-you card. It made me smile (can you imagine the spiral of thank-yous that could occur—I mean—when do you stop?). I guess handwritten thank-you notes are going out of fashion. Or maybe not. Maybe it is just like spinning—no longer necessary, but very enjoyable.

In the corner of my living room where my spinning wheel lives (along with baskets of fiber and bins of tools), there is also an antique writing desk that I bought at a neighbor's garage sale. I knew instantly that it belonged in my house and was well worth the belt-tightening that ensued so that I could make that dream a reality. Though it is a not-so-early-American piece of furniture (Ohio, early 1900s, I think), it fits perfectly into my Jane Austen fantasies. While I sit writing a letter, looking out on the lilac bush outside my living room window, I can picture Elizabeth Bennet composing letters to her sister Jane, and I am filled with a bit of peace and contentment. These moments are about the texture of the paper under my fingertips, the scratch of the pen across the surface, the taste of the gum on the envelope, and my memories of the recipient.

And in as much as a handwritten note is a chance to reflect, it's also an opportunity for me to make sure my handwriting is legible and that my spelling is correct (I can't tell you how many times I've scribbled a word I'm not sure about, then waited for the auto-correct feature to rearrange the letters into the correct placement—sad but true)—in other words, sharpen skills that are falling to the wayside as I spend more and more time in front of my computer screen.

Writing letters is very much like spinning—I'm freed from the necessity of having to spin every bit of yarn in every stitch of clothing, bedding, and upholstery in my house—so I have time to make the special item that contains some of the love and admiration I feel for the person for whom I'm making it.

When I saw these blank note cards in the newest catalog from Interweave, I marched right down to customer service and ordered some for myself. I just couldn't resist the fibery, yarniness of them. I ordered some of the gift tags, too.



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