Test Your Fiber Knowledge: What’s Your Class Ranking?

It’s time to head back to school! Should you be teaching the class or partying in the freshman dorm? Test your fiber knowledge with this 10-question true or false quiz.

1. This handsome gal produces protein fiber.

Photo by Kate Larson

2. Spain, Hispania in Latin, means “land of rabbits.”

Photo by George Boe

3. All moths eat wool.

Photo by
Yoshikazu Tsuno/
AFP/Getty Images

4. Micron count measures the diameter of fibers.

Photo by Joe Coca

5. Hemp fiber is weaker than cotton fiber.

Photo by Andia/
UIG via Getty Images

6. Sheep’s wool can be spun fresh off the sheep.

Photo by George Boe

7. Cotton felts if you “shock” it by immersing it in hot then cold water.

Photo by Scott Olson/
Getty Images

8. Spider silk is too fine to use in textiles.

Photo by Frank Bienewald/
LightRocket via Getty Images

9. Llama fiber keeps the wearer cooler than sheep’s wool.

Photo by George Boe

10. If a Merino sheep is not sheared, its dense fleece will keep growing and can endanger the life of the animal.

Photo by Steven Jaquiery/
AFP/Getty Images.

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