Tennessee guilds explore BioFiberSoak with Jennifer Adair

Jennifer Adair has an article in the Winter 2013 issue of Spin-Off about a fleece-washing method she calls BioFiberSoak. "A New (yet Ancient) Way to Clean a Fleece," explores using a Lactobacillus fermentation bath for wool washing instead of hot water and detergent. As Jennifer collected a variety of wool samples cleaned with BioFiberSoak, she asked several local guilds for help. The Barefoot Spinners and Nashville Spinsters guilds in Tennessee agreed to help Jennifer with some blind fiber taste tests! Guild members were given samples of wools processed with the BioFiberSoak method. Jennifer says, "There were also detergent-scoured samples from each fleece, so spinners could compare the two cleaning processes. Spinners used whatever tools and techniques they preferred, as long as the BFS and detergent-scoured samples were spun with the same methods." All were so engrossed with the samples and results that no one took any pictures! So in November, the Nashville Spinsters reenacted the spinning experiments. Read Jennifer's article in the new Spin-Off to learn more about this method and the results of the guild members' tests.

Fermentation cleaning methods have been of great interest in the last few years. Over 1,500 posts have accumulated on a still active Ravelry thread in the last three years. Follow Jennifer, IndigoKiwi, and many others as they share their evolving experience using these cleaning methods.

Check out Jennifer Adair's website for more information about her work.



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