Tasmania's Bothwell Spin-Injoin in the fun from afar.


Ashford Handicrafts, based in New Zealand and beloved by spinners around the world, sponsors the Longest Thread competition. Photo: Kate Larson.

Spinners around the world wait with great anticipation for each biennial Bothwell Spin-in and Fibre Festival. Held in the central highlands of Tasmania, the next event is planned for February 27-March 1, 2015. The Spin-in's many competitions and events aim to "link spinners throughout the world in friendship and greater understanding," so there are plenty of opportunities for those of us far from Tasmania to join in the fun. Bothwell is famous for its Longest Thread competition, where spinners are challenged to create the longest 2-ply yarn they can using only ten grams of raw wool or alpaca. Entries have been arriving in Tasmania from around the world, and you can follow along on Facebook.


There is still time to send entries for several other competitions and events. Organizers are asking people from around the world to send bits of yarn, one meter long, to be tied to the Bothwell Friendship Ball. The goal is to collect over 40,000 meters of yarn, enough to stretch all the way around the world! To add your piece to the Friendship Ball, organizers invite you to write a "message of peace" on a small stick, wrap it with one meter of yarn, and mail it to the address listed on the Spin-In website.


To learn more about Bothwell and the Spin-In, check the website for details.



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