Supplies for the Workshop and Retreat Sessions

Are you starting to pack for SOAR? Make sure to consult the materials list here to make sure you have everything you need for your classes.

Those of you who are enrolled in Nilda Callanuapa Alvarez's class–Andean Spinning–should have received this info when you were confirmed in the class–but since it isn't on the workshop list because it was added later, we're adding it to this post:

*Students can bring wool that they would like to spin on a drop spindle. Nilda will be providing spindles.

We received some questions about the supplies listed for some of the retreat sessions and asked the instructors for more details–here they are below:

Sharon Costello–Go-felt-a-fish

A large sponge is for wetting down felt and keeping water under control (about 5 x 8", but the exact size doesn't matter).

Needle and thread is mostly for hanging the fish so a fairly large needle is good if students want to hang it with yarn. I will also bring some needles so if someone doesn't have one no big deal.

Dish pan size can vary–a small bucket or large bowl will also work (it is for holding soapy water and rinsing out finished piece). SOAR staff will provide buckets–so don't worry if you don't want to pack one.

Large trays would be nice as they contain the water during felting, but it is also OK to work on a large towel…old towels are probably the most important supply…we need about 3 per student. SOAR staff are also providing a lot of towels.

One large bottle of Dish liquid is all we need, probably for all four groups. SOAR staff will provide the dish liquid.

Sara Lamb–Painting with Dyes
If you wish to bring your own yarn to dye, bring about 2 oz or 200 yards of any of the acceptable types of fiber (cotton, rayon or silk), in a skein, roving or warp chain.

You may wish to wash the fibers before you come, to make sure they are really clean, but we will also re-wash them there, so they are wetted out for dyeing. It would not hurt to bring a large ziploc to transport them home (although if you don't have a ziploc–the SOAR staff will provide some for students to use).

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