"Sunshine House" inspires The Spindles & Flyers Spinning Guild

The annual party for the Spindles & Flyers Spinning Guild (California) was held at "Sunshine House," built for the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island in 1939, then moved to its present location in San Francisco. The host site prompted an architectural quality to the guild's skein challenge. The architect Le Corbusier wrote about the use of stone, wood, and concrete to construct houses and palaces. He noted that when ingenuity is at work it suddenly touches his heart, does him good. He is happy and says: "This is beautiful. That is Architecture." Applying architectural concepts to spinning can result in a yarn with qualities such as durability, utility, and beauty. Members were challenged to transcend the ordinary and touch the guild's collective heart by imagining and spinning a yarn that is inspirational, irresistible, coveted, and compelling to the touch.


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