Staten Island Handspinners and Weavers Guild (New York)

Recycling plastic bags by knitting them into totes is one of the latest projects of the Staten Island Handspinners & Weavers Guild (New York). Directions for creating them were in a recent newsletter. This interest coincided with the hyperbolic crocheted reef in the NYU Window Exhibits which featured Bleached Reef, the Branched Anemone Garden, and the Ladies Silurian Reef. An additional exhibit in the World Financial Center featured a yarn-and-plastic extravaganza Toxic Reef, used plastic shopping bags in the Rubbish Vortex, hyperbolic octopi, and plastic jellyfish forms. In April, members took part in their annual “Shear Madness” day at the zoo. The public witnessed a shearing demonstration of the Shetland sheep who reside there, then watched as prepared fiber was spun and knitted into useful items. All the zoo fleeces were given to the Guild, who later held a skirting party before sending them in for processing.

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