St. Distaff's DayNew York and Minnesota


St. Distaff's Day, also called Rock (or Roc) Day, is a great time to spend some time spinning as the New Year begins. Traditionally, St. Distaff's Day is January 7, but festive gatherings happen throughout January in many parts of the country.



Carole Wurst (shown standing) gathered fiber friends for St. Distaff's Day 2017. Photos: Rocking Horse Farm. 

Rocking Horse Farm in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Rocking Horse Farm in St. Cloud, Minnesota, has hosted a St. Distaff's Day event for years. Shop founder Carole Wurst welcomed a wide range of spinners, knitters, and other fiber artists for a fun day together. The shop organized demonstrations on Ashford blending boards, a show-and-tell session, and a St. Distaff's Day pageant that shared some of the history behind the event. You can watch a video of last year's pageant on YouTube. The event was covered in the St. Cloud Times and included some great pictures of the gathering. Jason Wurst said, "We were pleased that our local newspaper started our article with a quote from a fifteen-year-old knitter. There is hope for a new generation!"




Thrummed cushions at Roc Day 2015.  Photos courtesy of Elyse Meltz. 

Golden Fleece Spinners' Society in Baldwinsville, New York

Members of the Golden Fleece Spinners' Society organized a series of mini-workshops for their annual Roc Day event, which was held January 17 this year. Guild member Elyse Meltz shares, "We had a large group for Roc Day 2015 gathered into a big circle. After our short business meeting and our usual show and tell, we broke up into smaller groups for three different mini-workshops. One was on how to do thrummed knitting to make a seat cushion using a base of knitting on large needles with bulky yarn and attaching unspun, short lengths of wool fiber. Navajo plying was another topic taught and people either learned it for the first time or got more practice and fine-tuned their skills. The third mini-workshop was about the Russian join for knitting with how to do it and what the advantages are and when it's useful. There was also a table with various scrapbooking supplies and gadgets for people to see with the idea of making a 'Why I Spin?' page."  


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