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  march 2
  A spring color palette inspired by nature.

With the arrival of spring, it's time to put dreams of handknit sweaters and warm, cozy socks away for the next several months. To help us celebrate longer, sunnier days and the exciting buzz that accompanies the season is Spinning Daily contributor Stefanie Berganini, who shares her spring spinning resolutions in this post. We'd love to hear about your own in the comments, so be sure to drop us a line! –Gina

If you live in many parts of the country, winter may still be unwilling to release you from its tenacious grasp. Here in the Pacific Northwest, however, spring has arrived in full force. My daily dog walks have been full of fresh green buds on trees and the colorful tips of flowers pushing up through winter mulch.

  march 1

My spinning resolutions this year were to work from my stash more often, and to be more deliberate and purposeful with my project choices. The arrival of spring has helped with both of these resolutions. I'm planning spring projects with the same consideration I give to plotting this year's veggie garden. Do I really need so many tomatoes? If I make another hat (my default “I want to make something but I'm not sure what” project), will I actually finish and wear it, or will it just end up in the UFO drawer with all the others?

Spring's steady progress bolsters my intentional spirit, and I've decided to start with a shawl for the office. Though it's warming up outside, my desk is still frigid and wintery. But a cold office is a good thing if it gives you a reason to start a new project, right? I love shawls, especially those that are large enough to function as “house sweaters”, so I think Dorothea Fischer's Traditional Danish Tie Shawl from the Spring 2008 issue of Spin-Off may be my next project. I especially love that this one ties in the back and will stay put while I type.

As for my resolution to work more from my stash, I'm using the fresh spring shades to help guide my color choices. I tend to fall back to neutrals, so the cheery palette outside is helping me to look at my stash in a whole new way and to think about color combinations outside my normal comfort zone. The one color that keeps jumping out at me is pink. It's everywhere! And although there’s plenty of it in my stash, it's a color I almost never choose when I'm making something for myself. But my neighbor's gorgeous flowers have me considering a minty chocolate batt combined with gray roving and a shot of pink for this shawl. I think it could be just the thing to bring the outside in while I'm stuck at my desk.

How does the arrival of spring shape your spinning? Does the change in seasons inspire you to make any changes to your usual project planning?


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