Spinzilla at the Denver Art MuseumYoure Invited!

Celebrate Spinning and Weaving Week! Photo: Kate Larson


The Denver Art Museum (DAM) invites spinners to share the excitement that is Spinzilla with the public on Sunday, October 12. Jane Patrick of Schacht Spindle Co. is spreading the word about the event and shares the details:

"Join other Colorado teams and rogue spinners in Ponti Hall at DAM for a wheel-to-wheel showdown between 10:30 am‒4:30 pm on October 12th. Besides an opportunity to spin with your spinning buddies, at the core, Spinzilla is about our spinning futurekeeping the craft alive. Funds raised through Spinzilla spinner registration go to spinning education. Taking spinning public is another way of letting the world know spinning is alive and well.

"Since we'll be busy spinning to achieve as much yardage as possible, we're seeking spinners and weavers not participating in Spinzilla to come demonstrate and provide education and information to museum visitors. We hope to see you at the DAM!!"





Here are the details:

  • There is no entrance charge if you are a Spinzilla participant or demonstrator, but you will need to check in at the admission desk in the North building.
  • Chairs will be available in Ponti Hall, where there will also be a few tables for buisness and organization information.
  • Lockers to store your valuables are available at the entrance. They require a quarter to lock it, but you'll get your money back when you unlock.
  • Bring only clean fiber, as care needs to be taken to avoid introducing wool pests into the museum environment.
  • Please bring as little equipment as possible: wheel, bobbins, niddy noddy, and fiber.
  • If you'll be spending all day at the museum, you can bring your lunch with you.


To register, email schacht@schachtspindle.com

For museum questions, contact Stefania: svandyke@denverartmuseum.org

For information about this event and Spinzilla contact Jane: janep@schachtspindle.com



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