Spinzilla 2016: Travel to Bolivia!

Can you believe that Spinzilla is already on the horizon? This fun handspinning competition is now in its fourth year and will be held October 3‒9, 2016. Spinzilla became an international event in 2014, welcoming spinning teams around the world to participate. ClothRoads, ever dedicated to supporting indigenous textile artisans, has helped to sponsor a Bolivian team of PAZA spinners since that time. PAZA began as a secondary Peace Corps project in 2007 and continues to offer support to artisans in Bolivia, working to revive traditional textile techniques and improve marketing opportunities.

Photo: Shelby Deaton.

Dorinda Dutcher of PAZA says, “Spinzilla = JOY for the spinners.” Photo: Shelby Deaton.

The PAZA Spinzilla Team ClothRoads Warmis Phuskadoras and its supporters are excitedly gearing up for the 2016 event. Spinzilla coordinator Constance Hall shares, “It’s important to understand that many of these women rarely get together to spin. Some are far from transportation and live in very small communities. To gather and spin or measure the yarn at the end of Spinzilla is a special event. The knowledge that spinners around the world value our craft enough to hold this competition just astounds them. It shows them we value what they do every day to keep fiber traditions alive.”

Yarn snarls: bringing spinners together the world over. Photo: Dorinda Dutcher.

Yarn snarls: bringing spinners together the world over. Photo: Dorinda Dutcher.

Would you like to travel to Bolivia?

After the competition last year, the Bolivian spinners expressed that they would like to have someone from outside of their community spin on the team. So, if you are interested in traveling to Bolivia this October, raise your hand! Dorinda is hoping to hear from an adventurous spinner who would like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. The team is looking for a spinning teammate as well as a videographer. Last year’s social media volunteer Shelby Deaton put together this video of the 2015 team. Here they are in 2014 of the 2015 Spinzilla team.

Donations are needed to cover the majority of Bolivian team’s Spinzilla registration fees as well a prize for each spinner. Last year, they each received a cardigan at the end of the competition. This year, they have asked for petticoats. Dorinda Dutcher, who has worked ceaselessly for many years to support the Bolivan artisans through PAZA says, “I hope we are able to raise $1,000 again this year. Next year is the Tinkuy International Weaving Conference in Cusco, Peru, and I´m hoping to take three weavers, so my fingers are crossed that Spinzilla funds itself so we can start saving for Tinkuy 2017.” Dorinda has placed a PayPal Donate button on the PAZA website for those offering support.

Spinning in the sunshine. Photo: Shelby Deaton.

Spinning in the sunshine. Photo: Shelby Deaton.

To learn more about the 2016 team, you can read about team captain Doña Máxima’s preparation efforts on the PAZA blog. For more information about traveling to Bolivia, contact Dorinda Dutcher.



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