Spinning Wheels on the Cover of Needlecraft Magazine? Who Knew?

Within the Interweave office is PieceWork’s Needlecraft magazine collection from the early twentieth century. Recently, the PieceWork team got together to dig through the archives and curate a collection of our favorite vintage magazine covers. As PieceWork staff members, we had a hard time narrowing it down, but we finally settled on four favorites. Wondering which we chose?

Needlecraft Magazine

Add an air of vintage charm to your décor by displaying all four prints. Photo by George Boe.

Well, lucky you! We had them made into high-quality prints that are now available for purchase. Each of the four Needlecraft magazine covers are digitally printed in full color on 80-pound paper, and the unframed 14″ by 18″ prints come shipped in a durable tube, so they won’t get damaged in shipping. The prints arrive ready to be mounted on foam core or framed. Hang one or display all four. We chose to frame our set in matte gold frames and hang them salon-style above an antique table.

Needlecraft Magazine

The Needlecraft magazine from March 1929 illustrates a textile’s journey from fiber to cloth.

As the assistant editor of both PieceWork and Spin Off magazines, I was delighted to see some of the cover illustrations show handspinning. Of the four covers we chose to have printed, one tells the story of turning wool into cloth from sheep to finished gown, and another features a German woman at a spinning wheel accompanied by her daughter who’s embroidering with a picturesque mountain village in the background. The other two illustrate Czechoslovakian embroidery with a woman in traditional dress and a girl learning to embroider seated at her mother’s side. Even after more than eighty years, all of the original Needlecraft magazine cover illustrations remain crisp and vivid.

Needlecraft Magazine

The October 1930 cover of Needlecraft magazine features a mother and daughter enjoying the traditional crafts of spinning and embroidery.

Let all of your guests know you’re a fiber fan with these attractive vintage prints, or give them as a gift to your favorite fiber enthusiast. Whether they are for yourself or someone else, the Needlecraft Magazine Prints will charm any textile lover with a fondness for vintage décor.


Featured Image: Detail of Needlecraft magazine from March 1929.

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