7 Resources for Learning How to Use a Spinning Wheel More Effectively

Whether you’re a beginning spinner or have been spinning for a long time, there is always a point in your spinning when you want to learn how to use your spinning wheel more effectively.

Learn everything from spinning wheel history to proper spinning wheel care.

Learn everything from spinning wheel history to proper spinning wheel care.

You may look to the manufacturer of your wheel for spinning wheel instructions, or within the pages of Spin Off magazine and these are good places to start.

Interweave also offers books, eBooks, videos, and magazine compilations full of useful information on how to spin on a spinning wheel from the leading experts in the field of handspinning.

Before you sit down at your spinning wheel, gather your fiber of choice and make sure that you have these seven essential resources for learning how to use a spinning wheel:

1.Learn how to choose a spinning wheel the right way with the DVD, Poular Wheel Mechanics. Popular Wheel Mechanics spinning wheel video with Judith MacKenzie

Learn how to adjust your wheel so that it works beautifully. A veteran spinning teacher, Judith MacKenzie knows how to get nearly any wheel up and running and ready to make beautiful yarn.

2. Spin-Off Fall 2008 issue

This issue of Spin-Off magazine includes our first Spinning Wheel Round-Up. Compare the ratios, weight, drive type, wheel diameter, and price of spinning wheels all in one place. This issue also includes a book excerpt, “Getting Acquainted with Your Wheel,” from Start Spinning: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn by Maggie Casey.

3. Learn how to maintain your spinning wheel in this exclusive DVD.Know Your Wheel video with Alden Amos and Cindy Lair

In this spinning wheel video, Alden and Cindy share their extensive knowledge of the workings of spinning wheels. From physics to aesthetics, these two woodworkers will show you how to take care of your spinning wheel and how to adjust it to make the yarn you want. They’ll also show you how to keep your wheel spinning so that it works hard for you for years to come.

4. Spin-Off Fall 2011 issue

This issue of Spin-Off magazine is all about spinning wheels! Learn about quick fixes for antique wheels, learn which orifice is right for you , and learn about a spinning wheel that challenges the history of spinning wheels as we know it.

5. Learn how to choose a spinning wheel for the first time the right way in the Spin-Off Summer 2008 issue.Spin-Off Summer 2008 issue

This issue of Spin-Off magazine has an article by Rudy Amann, “How to Choose Your First Wheel,” which many spinners have found useful as they make that first big foray into buying a spinning wheel. Also in this issue is the article “Ergonomics for Fiber Addicts” by Betsy Alspach, which will keep you spinning pain-free for many years.

6. The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning

This book is a tome of information—if you have a question about how to use a spinning wheel, it is likely that you’ll find your answer in this beautifully illustrated book. From the physics behind the function of spinning wheels to how to make a spinning wheel, from measuring twist to skeining yarn, from how to tie a drive band to spinning wheel history—this book covers it all.

7. Spinning Wheel Primer

This eBook by Alden Amos is a great little book with information about how to get your wheel spinning working smoothly and easily. This short and informative book is packed with illustrations of spinning wheels, descriptions of different styles of spinning wheels, and common questions from handspinners.

Before you embark on the journey of achieving that beautifully finished, consistent yarn, be sure to check out these valuable resources. If you’re learning how to use a spinning wheel for the first time, get insights on the right spinning wheel for you before you buy.

Happy spinning!

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