Top 5 Wool Processing Spinning Videos

There’s nothing like repetition when it comes to mastering a technique, and hand-in-hand with repeating a task over and over until perfection is being able to see it done over and over to help you perfect it. That is the beauty of spinning videos – you can watch and learn a technique as many times as you need to until you are a master at it.

Processing wool is an ideal genre of handspinning to learn from spinning video tutorials. Many expert spinners’ success in mastering wool processing is a deeper understanding of all breeds, their fibers, how they’re prepared, and how they are to be spun for the ideal yarn. Being comfortable with your tools, your fiber, and knowing which fiber you’re looking for depending on the project you have in mind for your handspun yarn will lead to better spinning techniques, better prepared fiber, and eventually the perfect yarn. All of that can be learned by watching some of our favorite handspinning videos hosted by experts in the craft. Here are some recommendations to get you started:

  • Learn How to Card Wool with this Tutorial VideoFor Carding Wool: Learn 4 expert carding techniques from 4 master spinners.The first step in consistent, easy to spin woolen yarns is carding. Hand cards are the most accessible tool for achieving these yarns. Learn how to go beyond carding basics and achieve fluffy, lofty, spinable rolags in this amazing DVD featuring four master spinners who uncover their techniques and tricks. You’ll enjoy discovering how much fiber you should load onto your cards, what part of the fiber to begin carding first, how to form more than one rolag in a single carding, and more!
  • Combing Fiber video tutorialFor Combing Fiber:Wool combing can be a bit alarming and seem hazardous to the novice spinner, but this method of wool preparation yields the most-desired results. Learn to produce wonderfully organized, fluffy, silky fiber you’ve always dreamed of. This workshop video from Robin Russo covers wool combing basics plus so much more: see important tools used in action, how to clean out guard hairs and debris from your fiber, watch how different combs are appropriate for different fibers, learn important guidelines for safety and equipment maintenance, and more.
  • Expert guide to selecting a fleece and processing the wool for spinningFor Selecting a Fleece: Do you know what to look for when selecting a fleece? How to choose the perfect one for the project you have in mind? Join Judith MacKenzie in this comprehensive spinning video that covers in-depth information on wool fleeces. You’ll follow her through a wool market in Colorado as she looks through dozens of fleeces in an effort to find the perfect one for any project, whether you’re hoping to knit a fine shawl or weave a sturdy rug. Learn everything you need to pick a good fleece, prepare the fiber for spinning, and more!
  • Handspinning Rare Wools VideoFor Spinning Rare Wools: This comprehensive guide to spinning rare wools, Deborah Robson explores fiber from 38 rare and endangered breeds of sheep ranging from Great Britain to North America. Discover in-depth history and characteristics of each breed, intriguing stories about each, and share in her passion for saving and savoring the basic materials of this amazing craft. You’ll discover how full of surprises washing, carding, combing, spinning, and finishing these fibers really is. Discover just how important the knowledge of these rare sheep breeds has proven to be for Robson and how important this knowledge will be for you!
  • Easy Wire Stone Capture: 4 Alternative Ways to Set Stones with Janice BerkebileFor Making Cloth from Handspun Fiber: Join Norman Kennedy in this instructional spinning video workshop while he demonstrates spinning techniques for wool, shares his fascinating stories about spinning, and partakes in a traditional community waulking. The workshop culminates in a waulking (a method for fulling cloth that brings people together to finish cloth by hand) led and accompanied by Norman’s singing in a variety of languages. You have a chance to partake in Kennedy’s experience historic textile traditions from around the world. In this video workshop, you’ll learn techniques for oiling wool for carding, using hand cards, dressing and spinning with a distaff, creating Shetland-style lace yarn, and how to successfully spin wool with a variety of spindles, a treadle wheel, and a great wheel.

So download a few wool spinning videos and get started mastering your skills in carding, combing, and spinning wool from all types of breeds.

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