Spinning resolutions

The busy kitchen at the Moore's.

Yak fiber and a tahkli—Amy's key to finding more time for spinning.

Hannah wove on while Sarah's quick tantrum played itself out–the result of having her nap interrupted.

Spinning is yoga for my fingers and brain

Do you follow in the tradition of setting resolutions for yourself at the beginning of the year?

I like to come up with resolutions that are gifts to myself—something that helps me enjoy my goal of living in the moment more. I like to start by taking time to look back over the previous year and think about the promise in the year ahead of me. From there I figure out what my goals for the next year will be.

Of course, I always hope for more time to spin but have to allow that I really like sleeping, too. It seems like ever since my kids showed up on the scene that finding time to spin is more challenging. One way to achieve this is that I've been figuring out how to make more of the free moments that I have. In addition to my usual take-along knitting projects, I've started carrying a tahkli spindle and a bit of fine fiber with me (yak is in my bag right now—inspired by the Winter issue of Spin-Off!). This has helped me get a bit more spinning in—just like they say, slower by the hour, faster by the week.

And it is amazing how having a little spinning project in my bag can make unexpected moments waiting so much easier. As soon as I touch my spindle and the fiber, my shoulders relax, my brow unfurrows, and my breathing relaxes—it's like a little yoga exercise for my fingers and brain.

I would love to hear about your spinning resolutions for 2012, please share them in the comments below.

Happy Spinning,

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