Spinning, Learning, and Sharing


Kaitlyn Smith sharing a love of spinning. Photos courtesy of Kate Philips.
Swift member Kate Philips (left) and booth organizer Diana Stevens (right) spending time at the Indiana State Fair.

Spinners often encounter wondering glances and unexpected conversations when we take our wheels or spindles into public spaces. I love hearing the different ways in which spinners respond, explaining their craft and the joy it brings. Sometimes the simplest questions, such as about why we spin, can give us an opportunity to stop and really think about what role handspinning plays in our lives.

Teaching others is a great way to learn more about our own process—the habits we have developed and the tricks we wish we had known from the start. We are lucky to have so many members of our community that are eager to share their knowledge. My local spinning community, Swift Indiana, hosts a fiber arts demonstration booth at the Indiana State Fair each year. Spinners, weavers, knitters, and more staff the booth throughout the fair. Many members return year after year, eager to share their craft with fair-goers. With nearly 980,000 people attending the fair this year, demonstrators have a lot of sharing to do! Kaitlyn Smith is one of the members who participates with great enthusiasm. Kaitlyn joined Swift as a youth member and continues as an active member of the group. She does a great job teaching children who visit the booth, as you can see in the image above!

Guilds all over the country put time and effort into organizing demonstrations at fairs, museums, and other public venues. It makes handspinning more visible in the greater community and helps our community grow and learn-thank you!

Does your spinning group have a demonstration booth? Tell us about it on Spinner's Connection! Just drop Kate a line at spinnersconnection@interweave.com.



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