Spinning is a distraction from the distractions

Like ripples on a pond

My children and my spinning help me stay focused on what is important.

In a moment of being distracted by social media, I read a blog post about a mom who was learning from her child how to stop and smell the roses. It was beautifully stated and heart wrenching. The mom talked about how she was always telling her child to hurry up and get in the car or hurry up and put on her clothes while her child was just living in the moment, enjoying what was around her.

There are times when I resemble that mom (and there are times when I resemble that child). I think spinning helps me step back a little from the distractions of the times we live in—we've created a world where there are a lot of things coming at us from so many directions. When I am at my wheel that frenetic feeling of needing to do twenty things at once settles down, my racing heart slows, and my breaths are more measured. Spinning helps distract me from my long list of things I think I should be doing (a distraction from the distractions, apparently). When I'm spinning I can focus better and actually hear the questions my daughters ask, and when one of them sits on my lap to help me spin, I'm grateful for the moment. Spinning helps create a space where I can feel productive while I'm relaxing and apparently I need it. Spinning gives me permission to stop and observe; to look around me and to look inward. When my hands are busy, my mind is less likely to wonder why I'm not sweeping the kitchen floor or folding laundry. It's nice to get a break from that pestering.

How about you? Beyond giving you yarn, what does spinning do for you? Tell me below in the comments.

Happy spinning,


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