Spinning and Weaving Week right around the corner

What are your plans for spinning and weaving week (October 1-7, 2007)? Do you have anything planned? Does your guild? Your local shop? If you do, please post in the comments–I'd love to hear what is going on around the country (or world, for that matter!).

Here at Spin-Off, we're packing for SOAR–which starts on October 7th–so our efforts will be going toward the spinning and weaving celebrations we have at SOAR this year–0ur 25th Anniversary Party, Spin-Ins and Market taking place in Bellaire, Michigan at Shanty Creek Resort.

Here's a photo from the SOAR spin-in, 2006–Eira, Iris, and June have been attending SOAR for years–traveling here from the U.K. to spin with friends and take classes.

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