Spinners on German TV


Spinners at the Wülfing Museum. From left: Sabine, Anna, Inés, Ute, Claudi. Members not pictured: Bettina, Evy, Dorothea, Ulla, Brigitte. Photo courtesy of Brigitte Osenbrück. 

A few of our fellow spinners in Germany shared their love of textiles recently on the German television station WDR Lokalzeit Bergisches Land. Brigitte Osenbrück, whom you might know as Beyenburgerin on Ravelry, is a spinner and knitwear designer. She posted her group's three minutes of airtime on her Flickr photostream, which you can watch here. The reporter filmed the group at Brigitte's home for about two hours. The three minutes that aired on June 12th shows spinning, carding, knitting, dyeing, and several beautiful shawls being modeled by Brigitte's daughteran action-packed three minutes!

In 2006, Brigitte's friend Inés wanted to learn to spin. The night that they met to spin together was the beginning of a regular gathering of friends that continues today. Brigitte says that some folks come for a few gatherings and then head out on their own spinning adventures, but there are currently about ten regular members, including Inés.

The spinning group has also been demonstrating (mitmachspinnen) twice each year at the Wülfing Museum since 2007. The museum is on the site of an eighteenth-century textile mill east of Dusseldorf, Germany. Brigitte had this to say about the group's program: "Mitmachspinnen means that you can learn spinning there. We take enough wheels with us so that visitors can have a try. It is much easier for them since my husband built motors that I can attach to my spinning wheels when I want them to be electric. The new spinners just have to push the accelerator and don't have to concentrate on treadling. So they can first learn what they have to do with their hands, and then try the treadles if they want to. Mitmachen also means that every spinner can join us. We had some new spinners coming there and learning a lot on that day, and also experienced spinners who just liked to be part of the event in that beautiful atmosphere of this amazing museum." 


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