Spinners and weavers in Fairbanks, Alaska, expand their fiber horizons

The Fairbanks Weavers' and Spinners' Guild (Alaska) designated 2011 as the year to learn something new. A winter picnic potluck with a white elephant exchange began the new year's activities in January. February's meeting included a special invitation to all new members to check out the library holdings while having a pizza party at the guild's studio. Members were able to try out different fiber activities, including spinning on a spindle or wheel, weaving on a triangle frame or pizza board, making a rigid-heddle Popsicle-stick loom to start a band or belt project, bead weaving on a meat tray or toilet paper roll, and creating a Valentine with the guild's card-cutter equipment. President Jodi Gouwens encouraged members to make New Year's resolutions that improve health and fitness. This may mean spending time and thought on developing fun fiber projects or designing a class to share unique skills with others in the group.


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