Spinning and Knitting in the Andes
Visit the spinners and knitters of Chinchero and an alpaca mill in Arequipa, high in the Peruvian Andes, and learn from an American who has studied Andean knitting techniques. You'll find patterns for a Bolivianinspired coin purse, an alpaca wrap patterned after Quechua llicllas, and an adorable baby's poncho with a clever, historic cast-on.

A Visit with Pricilla Gibson-Roberts
This luminary of the spinning and knitting worlds shares her personal story, her wide-ranging explorations and discoveries, and her heartfelt hopes for the future of the crafts.

Yarn with a Mind of its Own
Kathryn Alexander has ventured into new knitting territories with energized S and Z yarns. Learn how she creates her yarns from hoof to mill, how she pushes them to their limits in her lively and colorful knitwear, and how she manages them in the dyepot. You'll find a pattern for lively socks that will be as much fun to make as to wear.


Fiber Focus
What are paco-vicuña, and how did they come to be in the Colorado Rockies?

A Deeper Look
Compare the double-drafting techniques of Sarah Natani of the Navajo Nation and the spinners of Chinchero, Peru.

The Scene
Fleece judging with Judith MacKenzie at the 2010 Black Sheep Gathering. Plus highlights from the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat.

The talented throng who made this eMag possible.

Going to the Source
Places to go, patterns to see, and fiber and yarn to fuel your creativity.

. . . And Finally
The Whorl
Judith MacKenzie considers the lowly whorl.

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