SpinKnit, Winter 2011


The Ways of Wool
Take our challenge: see what fibers you can spin on a tahkli. Break the handcarding rules and spin great yarn. Learn how Imperial Stock Ranch keeps Columbia sheep grazing on the Oregon high desert.

Silk Past, Present, and Future
Discover an unexpected history in the Oaxacan highlands, where villagers raise, spin, and weave silk. Visit a silk factory in Wuzhen, China. Learn what's changing (and what remains) in naturally colored silk.

Working with Silk
Try your hand at three methods of working with silk: Michael Cook demonstrates a traditional Lao reeling technique, Sara Lamb explains her method for spinning silk, and Nancy Morey turns silk hankies directly into yarn.


Columbia Mittens
Keep warm with cables

Flame Shawl
Spun silk glows in lace

Diamond Silk Scarf
Knit with unspun yarn

Rocky River Band
Cardwoven reeled silk


To the Source
Where to read, shop, and learn more

Our talented writers and designers

Sounds of Silk
We imagine the sounds of dining with Bombyx

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