SpinKnit, Fall 2011



Traditional Textiles
In the Pacific Northwest and Chiapas, Mexico, people produce fabric the way their ancestors did. Join participants in Judith MacKenzie's Tribal Treasures workshop as they coax fiber from cedar bark and watch Chamula's Maya shepherdesses turn fleece from their sheep into shaggy woven cloth.

Spindle Love
An old tool has a new following. Veteran spinner Sara Lamb recounts her recent but fervent conversion to spindles and shares a pattern for her Copper Cowl. A visit to Tom Forrester's Woodshaper Studio reveals the science and skill that the master craftsman uses to create elegant, quirky tools.

Glorious Sheep
Meet the Gleasons' carefully bred flock of Australian Bond and Corriedale sheep—and knit a Bond Bon-Bon Bowler adapted from Susan Z. Douglas's pattern. North Ronaldsay sheep developed the ability to subsist on a diet of seaweed, but their charms don't end there. Learn about the many uses of this rich multi-coated fleece.

Spinning to Knit
Can't wait to get your hands on some delicious yarns? For a new spin, try Jacey Boggs's tailspinning technique for lush textured yarns and knit her Tailspun Mittens with your own color combination. To get maximum mileage from handsome handspun sock yarn, knit Debbie O'Neill's Pilaster Socks.


Going to the Source
How to find these goodies, visit these places, and find more to explore

Meet the team that sets the eMag spinning

. . . and Finally
Leaping Lambs, Bouncing Bonds
The Gleasons' baby Bonds say hello to summer

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