Spindles & Flyers Spinning Guild (California)

Making sections for the World’s Longest Scarf is the current mission of the Spindles & Flyers Spinning Guild (California) as part of an effort to support Heifer International’s goal to increase the number of fiber animals in the world. Everyone is encouraged to ”scarf in public.” The team leader for the guild scarf brings it to the monthly meeting where members can knit a few rows at a time or donate yarn spun for the project. Yarn from as many as fifty breeds of sheep are being spun and passed on to those who knit. A journal for the scarf documenting the breed, source of wool, and names of the members involved is kept as well. Additional scarves are being made to raise contributions at venues the group attends through the spring and summer months. The guild scarf will be donated to Keep the Fleece to be tied together with others using the corner threads to produce the world’s largest scarf as a public, artistic, and political statement, and then given to organizations that distribute warm clothing to those in need.

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