Spindle spinning at Hungary's Festival of Folk Arts


Anett (left) with her spinning friend, Clara. Photos courtesy of Anett Veg.
Traditional felted yurt. Skilled felt artisans exhibit their work and do demonstrations at the festival each year. 


Each August, huge crowds descend upon Budapest, Hungary, for the Festival of Folk Arts. The twenty-eighth annual event was held August 16‒20 at Buda Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The event began with a small group of artisan vendors and has grown to fill the entire castle grounds for a weekend each year. Hundreds of artisans were on-site demonstrating wood carving, bookbinding, embroidery, goldsmithing, and, of course, handspinning.



Anett Veg was invited to demonstrate spindle spinning at the festival this year and had just enough time to dye some fiber and gather spindles for teaching. She spent five happy days sharing spinning with visitors, answering questions, and growing our spinning community. Anett said that she went into the event thinking, "If I can spin to all my heart's desire for five days without feeling guilty, I already got a good deal." I'm happy to report that at the end of the festival she had many new friends and plenty of handspun yarn! Read more about the event on Anett's blog.



The Festival of Folk Arts is a major effort to support folk crafts within Hungary and beyond. This year, a dozen Turkish craftsmen were special guests at the event, demonstrating silk weaving, ceramics, and more. A conference was also held in conjunction with the festival at the National Széchényi Library on Best Practices for Transmitting Heritage. Presenters discussed the health of heritage and craft in many communities throughout Europe and Asia. 



Anett doing what she loves.


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